UK Seed Projects

Millennium Seed Bank 

Situated at Wakehurst Place in West Sussex, the Millennium Seed Bank is the largest seed bank in the world. Its ultimate aim is to store every plant species possible. It focuses on storing seed that is endangered, used by local people, or not found anywhere else.

Heritage Seed Library (HSL)

The HSL is a collection of over 800 vegetable varieties, founded and run by national charity, Garden Organic. They are the UK’s only living seed library. The collection consists mainly of heirloom varieties that have been saved over many generations, ex-commercial varieties, and landrace varieties that are adapted to specific growing conditions.

Seed Savers Co-operative

The Seed Savers Co-operative grow seed in Suffolk and Yorkshire and are in the early stages of building a network of biodynamic and organic seed growers across the country. They work in three main areas: breeding new strains of open pollinated plants; producing certified biodynamic and organic seed; and sharing knowledge and skills about seed saving, plant breeding and the importance of seed and food sovereignty.

Real Seeds

A family-run business that has been producing open-pollinated seeds for sixteen years. One of the main aims of the company is to educate and encourage home seed saving. They provide comprehensive seed-saving guides on their website, and also sell a more detailed seed-saving book at a subsidised price.

Other community seed projects